Jennifer and her Great Dane, Kahana.    

Jennifer and her Great Dane, Kahana.




About Jennifer

Welcome! I have a passion for creating togetherness between people and their dogs. Each page of my site is a different expression of that passion that has grown in my heart.

I invite you to explore the Bakery page for The Great Escape Barkery's doggy desserts. Find fun fashion for dogs and their owners on My Beloved & I's apparel page. Discover new ways to support your dog's health with wellness sessions on the The Great Escape Wellness Company page. From the books page, read my book series called Heaven's Solution.

I hope you find something that connects with your heart, is a helpful tool or a fun way to love your dog well.

All the best to you and your dog,

Jennifer Schramm



Apparel for you and your dog

Doggy desserts made in the USA with human grade ingredients.

Wellness products and help for your pets with injury, disease and behavioral issues.